For Prevention And Healing

  1. Rehabilitation after serious illness (after heart attack, surgery, infection, poisoning)
  2. Acceleration of wound healing/promotion of normalization of low blood pressure
  3. Improvement in asthma attacks and shortness of breath
  4. Improvement of degeneration symptoms in the eye area
  5. Reduction of the frequency and severity of migraine attacks
  6. Improvement in toxic side effects of conventional cancer treatments (surgery, radiation and chemotherapy)
  7. Stabilization of the immune system for cancer prevention and cancer recurrence
  8. Combating circulatory disorders in the limbs (periodic claudication, prevention of amputations)
  9. Increase in the overall stability of blood circulation
  10. Increase in muscle strength (greatly reduced in old age and thus increase in individual life expectancy (reduction of the 'biological age' by an average of 10 years)
  11. Influence on certain liver diseases, supporting the detoxifying effect of the liver
  12. Reduction of the frequency of attacks of angina pectoris by supporting uninterrupted infusion of cardiac vessels in coronary artery disease
  13. Reducing the side effects and strengthening the main action of medicines
  14. Reduction of susceptibility to disease
  15. increases in oxygen supply that decreases due to lack of exercise after serious illnesses (especially paralysis, arthritis and rheumatism)
  16. Conditioning after severe stress to minimize the aftermath of (danger of heart attack, even at a young age, fatigue, difficulty breathing and reduced vitality)
  17. Getting fit for persistent work stress (recovery training for managers)
  18. Getting in shape for upcoming severe physical or psychological stress (operations, childbirth, prolonged artistic, political or sporting activity)
  19. Combating disease and suffering
  20. Strengthening of the respiratory muscles in emphysema

Source: Anti-Inflammatory Oxygen Therapy (Dr. Mark Sircus)