The book "Anti-Inflammatory Oxygen Therapy"

This is the first book ever in which carbon dioxide medicine and oxygen medicine are discussed together. Anti-inflammatory oxygen therapy provides new insights into the common main features of diseases, which revolve around a lack of both oxygen and carbon dioxide.

Many doctors have never heard of carbon dioxide medicine. It is invisible, powerful, and indispensable for life. It is oxygen. We continuously inhale it throughout our lives, and although it makes up only 21% of the air we breathe, it is the key to our existence. The more we learn about the healing properties of oxygen, the more apparent its tremendous medical treatment potential becomes for many serious conditions. Yet, few are aware of the important therapeutic applications of oxygen - until now.

In his book, "Anti-Inflammatory Oxygen Therapy," Dr. Mark Sircus explores the extraordinary benefits that oxygen therapy has to offer, from detoxification to treatments for disorders like GERD and aging, with a special emphasis on cancer.

While the term 'oxygen therapy' conjures images of a seriously ill patient in a hospital bed with tubes in their nose and mouth, this book shows that it has much more to offer.
First, Dr. Sircus examines its nature and purpose in the body. Then, he provides insight into how inflammation destroys tissues over time and how oxygen can reverse this process.
Additionally, Dr. Sircus offers a safe and highly effective technique called Multistep or EWOT that takes fifteen minutes and can be performed comfortably at home, so the benefits for a healthier life can be fully realized.

You might be wondering why you haven't heard of this 'wonder remedy' before. The point is that oxygen cannot be patented, it is not expensive, and you don't need a doctor for it. Since it doesn't generate enormous profits, it has remained a well-kept secret, but the facts speak for themselves. In this book, you will discover these facts that can change your life - information that can benefit your health.