exercising with oxygen


15 minutes to transform your health, fitness and total well-being

HyperMax Oxygen is the latest in the evolving equipment designed to offer Exercise With Oxygen Therapy (EWOT).

EWOT is the act of breathing higher concentrations of oxygen during exercise.
In the past, simple masks and nasal cannulas connected directly to an oxygen generator were the best methods for supplying users with purer oxygen. However, oxygen generators only produce 10 liters per minute (LPM) at maximum. A healthy adult can easily breathe 60-70+ LPM while exercising. As a result, the old systems blended the 93% pure oxygen from the generator with air from the general environment, degrading the purity and limiting returns.

This problem is solved with HyperMax Oxygen. HyperMax Oxygen uses an oxygen generator to fill a medical grade oxygen reservoir that holds 900 liters of oxygen; a high-flow mask is attached to that oxygen supply. With the mask on, users can breathe in 93% oxygen with NO impurities from room air. HyperMax is the Maxx O2 redesigned and made by the same company since 2017. The valve system ensures that users only inhale oxygen from the generated supply. As they exhale, CO2 is vented through the appropriate port and into the room.

At OxyBooster we do a workout on the bike that consists of a 15 minute interval training, 3 minutes at a normal pace and then a 30 second acceleration. All this while you are connected to an oxygen reservoir of 900 liters of pure oxygen (93%).




Imagine feeling a steady flow of renewing energy from the moment you wake up. HyperMax can give you the physical and mental boost you've been looking for. No caffeine needed.


Endurance is essential to get through the ups and downs of daily life without feeling used up. Discover the horizon of better mental and physical stamina with HyperMax Oxygen.


How good does it feel to breathe in clean, fresh air when you’re exhausted or feeling fatigued? Imagine how much better it feels to breathe in oxygen that is 300% more pure than what you’re breathing now.


Maintaining a strong immune system is critical to staying well, especially today. HyperMax Oxygen can give your immunity a head start in the right direction.


A good day isn't possible without a good night's sleep. HyperMax customers report sleeping more soundly for longer and feeling better when they wake up - a direct result of higher purity oxygen.


Mental wellness is vital to living better. Feeling a little foggy lately? See things more clearly with 93% increased oxygen purity and let the rest go to your head.

exercising with oxygen


HyperMax Oxygen is a patent-pending, health and fitness oxygen delivery system designed to fill the body with 300% MORE oxygen purity than the 21% you’re breathing right now. The system has been professionally tested in a clinical setting with patients.

exercising with oxygen


Feel better. Think more clearly. Experience the energy and recovery boost that high purity oxygen can deliver. Oxygen is fuel for the cell. See the kinds of results that can only be achieved with superior fuel.

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Exercise With Oxygen Therapy (EWOT) has a decades-long track record of safety and positive, measurable benefits. Breathing higher purity oxygen while exercising can mean improved wellness for people of all ages.